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Published 30 January 2017

Too sad to see a bank like Barclays spoiled with such a bad customer service staff.

I have cancelled my credit card 3 weeks before by paying full amount over the phone from their bank itself. during the time the customer care staff forced to convince me to accept their reward card which they suppose to sent with in 3 days. after 3 weeks no luck and I had to bastidor my alternative card offered by Amex due to this offer. when I called after 3 weeks (holding for 25 mnts) some one answered and he had no clue what to do in this situation and simply disconnected the line! i was hoping someone will call me back as a courtesy, since no luck i called after 30 mnts and the answer was they don't call back,its not their policy? lost my money by calling and holding for another 30 mnts to get it into someone again.

They didnt had any answer for my questions to say why I havnt recvd my reward card which was promised 3 weeks before also no apology for keeping me waiting for all these time.

very poor service. please avoid banking with such rude service.

Published 20 January 2017

Barclaycard-Staff-@-wherever-dot-com. In partnership with; Suppliers-of-various-excellent-agreeably-compatible-goodies-dot-com

Wed Jan 18th. 16:00hrs ish. The daylight was fading and the evening was drawing to an end, the wind was getting up and I was closing down for another night on my own.

Suddenly there was a loud thunderous rapping on the door. An unexpected knocking on my door after dark was frightening, to say the least, I know the sound of my friends knocks, they never call after dark without phoning me first regardless. My heart rate went through the roof; I've been living in abject fear of what the Land Owner might do next, I feel he is responsible for the impossible position we are in, he told me he would make our properties worthless and unable to be sold on the open market, which is where we are all at the moment. I feel intimidated and threatened by this person so I was loath to open the door.

Deciding to be brave (after all, I am 76, nevertheless still an ex-military man.) I cautiously opened the front door expecting to find said Land Owner on my doorstep, instead I found a man holding a largish parcel, presenting me with one of those digital boxes, pointing to a blank window saying “Sign here please Sir.” I dubiously looked at said package knowing I hadn't ordered anything on-line, therefore I wasn’t expecting anything. I checked the name and address before signing. Everything seemed to be in order. I signed said good night and took my unexpected package indoors. Placing it on a chair I fetched a kitchen knife to cut the clear adhesive tape. After cutting the tape and taking a packing strip out of the top I was confronted by the handles of what could only be one of those (lasts for life fabric a shopping bags.) Strange I thought what have we here, I peered inside and could see all sorts of goodies.

Having spent Christmas day virtually on my own. Christmas dinner cancelled at the last moment due to the restaurateur closing the restaurant on Christmas eve due to lack of patrons. I was at a loss. My two very young friends, one from Trinidad the other from Pakistan, who were going to accompany me were also at a loss. We managed to rustle up enough stuff to make a (curry fish) for Christmas dinner which we had at around 16:00hrs, we all had a good laugh so it wasn't too bad.

Back to the food parcel, I was now on a high, bubbling over with curiosity and fervour. I run (not at my age I actually walked) next door to show my neighbours, I had to show somebody. I had taken the ribbon off and put it in my pocket, not having seen the name delicately printed on it I was still unaware from whom the parcel had come. I showed off to my friends taking out each item one at a time, all the items were of the very best quality and things I could only dream of.
There were;
2 Elizabeth Botham & Sons (of Whitby,) Date and Walnut Spelt-Brack cakes.
A pot of Mrs Bridges (of Arbroath) Scottish Strawberry Preserve.
A Pot of Mrs Bridges (of Arbroath) Lemon Curd.
A delightful Tin of Grandma Wilds (of Steeton) Stem Ginger & Lemon Biscuits.
A Botham & sons (of Whitby) Apricot & Orange teabread.
A box of Walkers (of Aberlour-on-Spey) Highland Oatcakes. =
Last, but by no means least;
A little Jute bag of Mad Hatters (of Richmond) tea-bags.

Most of these goodies I remember as a child, they were not considered a delectation as they are today, no they were made at home by your mother or grandmother. These wonderful “goodies” have brought much pleasure, reawakening the old redundant taste-buds, which had it not been for BARCLAYCARD, would have been forgotten, and have remained in the dark and distant past.

As I got to the last items I could see there was a white envelope, delving in I picked it up and was stunned to find out the parcel was in fact from BARCLAYCARD, I stood in silence for some time.
My Diet has taken flight and I can see me putting on weight finta quickly. Thank you all.

I can only say thank you so much, for making an old Serviceman who's never won a raffle or prize in his life very happy, I haven't been able to restrain myself from climbing the nearest rooftop and shouting to the world.

As always I go back to my favourite poem, which gives me something to hang onto at times of stress, strain or indeed euphoria and or elation.

I would like you to share with me “If” by Rudyard Kipling. I hope it gives you all inspiration as it has done through my life.

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Published 14 December 2016

Despite a challenging four years to rescue a SME business employing over 120 people we sadly ceased trading on the 29th February 2016. At the time we had almost a thousand incomplete customer orders and Barclaycard (BMS) had a potential liability of £750k. With the dedication of a small team and thinking outside of the box we managed to reduce the Barclaycard liability to zero and either refund or complete customer orders.

Repeated requests, including a recent letter direct to Amer Seccionar, CEO of Barclaycard, for a simple statement of account for all the customer related transactions over the past ten months have remained unsatisfied. I have been told the 'systems' are unable to provide one – why can’t the systems provide one?

My experience of BMS in recent months has exposed an enormous gulf between the perception of the company which considers itself progressive and forward thinking to one which appears ‘system’ and ‘process’ dependent – where the ‘tail is wagging the dog!’. An organisation that is unable to respond intuitively or be adaptable to their customer needs.; where people seemingly are unable to use either common sense or be empowered to make customer driven decisions.

BMS process millions of customer transactions for front facing credit card providers. Our experience has shown an alarming disconnect between the two parties. Customers can seemingly ask for a refund without any robust supporting evidence, BMS rolls on its back and the merchant is expected to carry the cost.

The process to potentially defend these refunds or chargebacks has been archaic; we either needed a fax machine or wait for the details to be sent by post. On many occasions the notification letters could arrive eleven days later leaving a matter of days to defend the transaction before the 14 day window expired – hardly 21st Century!

My letter to Amer Seccionar was intercepted by the Executive Office! I have recounted my story several times yet this never turns into any form of meaningful action. On-going emails remain unanswered or unacknowledged leaving me to wonder whether BMS is capable of being transparent, open and honest – or perhaps there really is something to hide? I have yet to be contacted by any executive manager.

They have certainly profited by many thousands of pounds as well as escaped an enormous liability. I feel increasingly angry and frustrated by their pervading corporate culture that seems to have lost sight of verdadero people and small businesses being the life blood of the company’s existence. Only three months ago we were being hailed as a ‘actual’ success story within a challenging situation but has since become mired in bureaucratic big company red tape.

I simply wish to be heard and for my concerns to be listened too. Who knows Barclaycard and Amer Abrir, your team might gain some invaluable insights into your business practices by listening and talking to your SME customers on the frontline because there are aspects of the Barclaycard business which I have seen at first hand which are barely ‘fit for purpose’ or indeed the 21st Century.

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